DIY Tactical has been around since January of 2005 and is a well established site within it’s niche. The forum has almost 6000 members with over 40,000 posts and is the largest and most active repository of information in regards to design, construction and modification of tactical gear on the web, period.

General Stats:

Over a 30 day period we receive on average, over 10,700 unique visitors and 122,000 page views, with an average time on site of just over 5 and a half minutes, per person, per visit.

Plans and Rates:

125×125 pixel banner, includes placement on both the blog and in the forum. Banner is to be  provided by the client.

  1. 3 months – $105 (averages out to $35 per month)
  2. 6 month –  $180 (averages out to $5 per month savings)
  3. 12 month – $300 (averages to an additional $5 per month savings) Includes the option to have your own “company section” in the Forum, maintained by you, for as long as your ad subscription lasts.
  4. 12 Month+ – $350 includes everything from the 12 month subscription above Plus an additional 250 x 125 pixel front page banner. (only available if there is a vacant spot on the front page)

All site advertisers also get access to the Forum Supporter section of the site for the duration of their plan. This is an area with additional benefits and ability to exchange information not allowed in the main forum. If you are currently a paid forum supporter we will deduct the cost of your membership from the ad plan you choose.

Up front payment is required for the duration of your plan.


  1. Contact us using the contact form with the plan you’re interested in and any questions you may have.
  2. Submit your banner/s for approval
  3. We’ll email you an invoice
  4. Submit Payment
  5. We’ll upload and publish your banners and activate any other additional features that come with your plan.

Affiliate Ads:

As an alternate option, we also have an affiliate advertising account with This is a service that allows merchants to share a percentage of sales with advertisers based on referrals. Once you establish a merchant account with we are then able to partner with you and place banners and links you have created on our site. If this is something you may be interested in   Click Here for the AvantLink Merchant Application and more details. Please refer all questions on how the process works to as we are just an affiliate.

Admin Notes:

  • We do not guarantee any specific amount of traffic to your site.
  • Ads placed on this site are not an endorsement from DIY Tactical.
  • Plans and pricing are subject to change without notice.
  • Advertisers are still required to play by forum rules. Violations will result in banning from the forum without refund and removal of banners.

If you’re  interested, please use the contact form to email us.

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