V-T-295 Nylon Thread

V-T-295 Type II, Class A Thread

Tex Size Govt. Size Ply Tensile Strength (Lb.)MinYds. Per Lb. MaxYds. Per Lb.
T-33AA2 or 34.111,70116,200
T-46B2 or 367,80111,700
T-92F3 or 411.83,6015,200
T-207#3 Cord3271,7512,600
T-277#4 Cord3361,3011,750
T-346#5 Cord3451,0511,300
T-415#6 Cord3548511,050
T-554#8 Cord372600850

The chart represents V-T-295 Type II, Class A Thread which is the most commonly used thread in tactical gear. Generally sizes E, F and FF (69, 92 and 138) are used. For sewers using home and lighter commercial machines E/69 is the heaviest thread that will generally work.

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