Double Mag Pouch Instructions

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  • These assembly instructions outline how to construct a Magazine pouch that will fit two M16/M4 thirty round magazines.
  • The body of the pouch is recommended to be made from Cordura® nylon fabric, the back and flap of the pouch is double layer, 3”wide nylon webbing.
  • The dimensions on this pouch will accommodate both standard US Government Issue magazines as well as Magpul™ PMags™.
  • The pouch flap features a hook and loop closure and is designed so that the flap will adjust to magazines using extraction aids such as the Magpul™ Ranger Plate.
  • The pouch incorporates optional elastic tension band and a mil-spec brass grommet for drainage.

This is a downloadable and Printable PDF file. When downloaded it is digitally watermarked to prevent illegal distribution.


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