I’ve been a fan of the USNERDOC channel on YouTube for a couple years now. In that time Dr. David Pruett an Emergency Medicine Physician by trade started a small business called AMP3 assembling and distributing first aid kits targeting the tactical, preparedness and outdoor communities. Aside from coming up with a great line of products, he’s a down to earth genuinely nice guy.

A few week’s ago he posted a video about his experience dealing with a company that they had been talking with about having some OEM type work done making a carrying bag for a product they were planning to launch.  I though it was an interesting perspective, most of us are on the receiving end of the customers request but might not always consider what the other side of the coin. I don’t know the company AMP3 is dealing with but kudos to you and if you want to chime in feel free to give yourself a plug.

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