We recently came across two announcements of new products from National Molding and figured it worthwhile to let you know about them.

The first is the Mission Clip a device intended to be used to secure chest rigs to armor. Undoubtedly people will come up with other uses as well.

This unique combination of a swiveling Techno Grab® Tensionlock® and carabiner style clip provides a superior means to secure a chest rig. The swiveling Techno Grab® allows one clip to function on either the Left or Right side and mounts simply and securely directly to the MOLLE webbing system. The Techno Grab provides secure tensioning with a high release angle along with the ability to feed pre terminated webbing. This eliminates the need to have sepa-rate attachment buckles mounted on a protective vest and offers a streamlined, durable method for heavy load pouch attachment


Next is a series of 3/4 inch hardware, check ’em out in the cut sheet below.



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