A-A-55301 (Mil-W-43668) Webbing Spec

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Common Use – PALS /MOLLE Webbing. It should be noted that Mil-Specs actually call for Type III for PALS webbing but most commercial manufacturers use Type IIIa and we have seen government issued mil-spec equipment where type IIIa was used.

Type III is made with a textured nylon yarn and woven using a different weave pattern than that of Type IIIa. The Type III is slightly lighter in physical weight and the textured nylon provides for better abrasion resistance. However the weave pattern of type IIIa looks better and being heavier feels more robust.

As you can see in the chart they both have the same tensile strength.

The General Services Administration has authorized the use of A-A-55301 as a replacement for MIL-W-43668 for all Federal agencies.

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