Mil-W-4088 Webbing Spec

Common Use – Parachute Harnesses, Waist Straps, Carrying Handles, Drag Handles.

Class 1 – Critical Use (shuttle loom)

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Manufacturer’s identification: Each manufacturer of types VII, IX, X and XIII shall incorporate, as part of the binder warp, 2 ends dyed to match the shade assigned to that manufacturer in accordance with MIL-STD-1480

Shuttleless loom identification: When shuttleless loom construction is utilized for classes 1A and 2 , the catch-cord shall be 70 or 210 or 400 denier nylon, color-sealed black. Alternatively, the catch cord shall be 70, 90 or 150 denier polyester color-sealed black.

* These being double plain weaves the identification yarns shall weave so that one end shall show on the face and one on the back at each selvage.

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